Mill Creek Festival

Mill Creek Festival

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I buy a ticket for just one night?
Currently Mill Creek Festival does not offer single night tickets. All tickets purchased are for both nights.

2) Can we purchase a ticket at the gate?
Yes, but you do take the chance that it could be sold out. Also, it will be at a higher price than if you buy it in advance, so buy early to save time and money!

3) When can we print our tickets?
Tickets will begin to be emailed out June 1st

4) Can we bring our pets with us?
Pets are not allowed in the Mill Creek Festival campgrounds or the concert venue for the safety of the pet and patrons, unless of course they are a service pet.

5) Is the price for camping for each night?
The price of camping is for the entire event; Mill Creek Festival does not charge per night for camping.

6) When can we start camping?
If you have purchased a Creekside VIP camping spot you can start to arrive Monday July 31st between 9am and 9pm. If you have purchased an East/West Reserved, Tent, or Quiet spot you can begin to arrive Wednesday Aug 2nd from 9am to 9pm. There is no overnight occupancy before Wednesday, Aug 2nd.

7) Does any of the Campgrounds offer water/sewer/power hookups?
All of the Mill Creek Festival Campgrounds are primitive at this time. You are more than welcome to bring your generator, just make sure you secure it. There are plenty of restrooms located throughout the campgrounds.

8) How many people are allowed to camp in our spot?
You are allowed one camper or two tents per RV spot. How many people you have sleeping in those is up to you, just remember everyone has to have a wristband to be in the campground, no exceptions!

9) I bought my tickets early, but now I can’t go, can I get a refund?
Mill Creek Festival does not give refunds on purchased camping or concert tickets.

10) Can we bring our kids to Mill Creek Festival?
Yes, but all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

11) If we have more than one vehicle, where can we park it while we are camping?
Mill Creek Festival provides an additional parking lot for your extra vehicles at a fee of $20 per vehicle. Please see map under the tickets tab on website for location or ask the campground attendant. You are allowed one vehicle per camp spot and that vehicle must be parked within your designated 20×50 area.

12) If I buy a camping spot does that include a ticket to the concert?
No, camping tickets and concert tickets have to be purchased separately.

13) Can I bring a lawn chair?
Absolutely, as long as you have a GA ticket. VIP is standing only. However, lawn chairs should be situated toward the rear/middle back of the festival.

14) Are there shuttle services?
As of right now no, but this could change in the near future so please check back!

15) Can we bring our ATV?
You bet, it is one of the coolest things about Mill Creek Festival! Just ask your campground attendant for a waiver form and pay the $65 ATV fee. You can also pay the ATV fee online here.

16) Can we have a campfire?
Yes, but you have to bring a fire ring to keep it contained and as long as there is not a fire ban in Cherokee County. Please no large flames.

17) Are golf carts allowed, and if so do we have to pay the ATV fee?
You are more than welcome to bring your golf cart and since you will be operating it on Mill Creek Festival Grounds you will have to sign an ATV waiver form and pay the $65 fee.

18) Can we bring our own food and drinks into the campground?
Yes, you can bring your own! There will be food vendors in the campground and Mill Creek Festival will have water, Power-aide, beer, and ice available for purchase in the campground!

19) Is there a place where we can shower?
Mill Creek Festival provides hot showers in the campground for a small fee.

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